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Keytonecaptures: Capturing your world at its best.

Would you like your photographs to be stunning rather than standard?

Keytonecaptures  creates more inspiring images through innovative digital photography and the editing .

With over 20 years of experience in digital photography and some of the most cutting-edge editing technology on the market, my passion is bringing out the full potential of every photo including colourisation of black and white and sepia images.

For businesses

I understand that impactful commercial photography demands much more than taking a generic quick shot– it’s about showcasing your product or service. To achieve that, I use advanced techniques along with the post production editing for you.

Including internal and external property photography incorporating professional looking angles ,natural looking  lighting, concentrating on areas that matter to you.

360 degree photography using high end equipment with 360 virtual tours created in post production .

For individuals

My goal is to make your photo extra-special, whether it’s the sensitive colourisation and retouching of an old or damaged family memento or sharing the personality of a beloved pet with an aim to create photography that has emotion and narrative at its core.


Want more from your photographs?

For images that capture your world more uniquely, get in touch or scroll down to view examples of my work.

Photo Colourisation

Whilst not producing an exact copy of the colours when the original photo was taken , during the hand colorisation process to add the colours a sample can be found  through some research of the period the photo was taken if an original sample is not possible.
The original photo will be treated as a special moment in time  to help bring their personal photo back to life which has emotion and narrative at its core.


Pet Photography is about capturing your pets true personality ,whether it be that relaxed look in the warmer days or that wet look from being outside. For these photo shoots the pets were in their own garden environments and only natural lighting was used.

The pets are more relaxed in their own surroundings rather than a studio and therefore ignore the camera to capture that special moment in your pets life to remember.

Options could be at your own location or at their local favourite place ,would you like yourself or family included with your pets in the photo.

Contact us to find out more.

Pet photography cats

Food and Drink Photography

Food and drink photography as used in presentations and websites for companies within the commercial food industry.
Using natural light where possible and or artificial  lighting.

Food photography reflections

Landscape artwork

Our lives, our landscapes and our natural environment make for truly incredible photo inspiration. Travelling around at different times of the day and year has given the opportunity to be fortunate enough to capture some of the beauty through the lens to share with others.

Take a look at some of the examples which are all available for purchase or if there is another scene you have been particularly looking for contact us as there are more different images available.

lake pano 2 arty.jpg

Unique artwork & editing projects

Some of the more specialist and abstract photography challenges used for various projects and a local photography exhibitions .

Using both natural and artificial lighting. 

Food and drink art photography

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