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A few examples showing the before and afters of photos restored and colourised , some of which were scanned using  standard home scanners.


This example shows the restoration to the photo before adding the colours.

Click on image or scroll through to view more.

These photos were edited and enhanced to bring them more up to date with any marks or defects removed.

Colourisation photos

My Colourisation process is created digitally by hand for a more personal image.     Yes there are systems out there that colour images automatically, but these are based on computer algorithms and the resulting colours can be unusual with strange artefacts especially if theres  a lot of detail or smaller areas that are hard to pick out by the software.

Whereas i can spend some time researching such things as colours of fabrics , uniforms, car paintwork, furniture of the period the photo was taken to try and give the image a more authentic look.

Im able to base skin or hair colouring on any information you may have along with the time the of year the photo may have been taken, such as summer time may require more of a slight tanning in the skin colour.


Colourisation can be a complex process – a single figure against a single colour or plain  background can be easier than small areas of colour such as several figures.

As each photo will likely require differing amount of time spent on it to achieve the final result.

We consider a few facts that may reflect in the price.


Photo Restoration -

The size of the photo – as the larger image will require more time to work with the details.


The amount of damage – two photos with similar damage may require individual amounts of work -an example would be if creases or damage across the face area may be more difficult in reconstruction.


Scans & Postage

If posting is required  we can scan the photos using a higher resolution scanner and return the photo by post but would use 1st Class special Delivery service.


If you are scanning the photo yourself ideally scan with a resolution of at least 300dpi (dots per inch)  try to scan everything in colour, even black and white photographs as this helps identify where coloured stains are on black and white photographs!


So there can a few factors that will affect the price, which can be provided on request rather than a standard price list .

As a guide : Prices start from £20


Faded Photos    -    Fading, discolouration, small scratches and blemishes removed,



Light                     -     Fading, discolouration, small scratches and blemishes removed, red eye removal


Medium.             -  Tears, creases, missing corners, marks and stains (except on faces, hands or other complex areas)


High                    -   Repair of complex areas such as faces and hands, removal of subjects, replacement backgrounds, repair of extensive damage

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